General Liability

Anyone is prone to mistakes—that includes your business, your employees, and your customers.

Human errors can cause physical and financial damages to businesses. Still, there’s something that saved many from potential bankruptcy: general commercial liability (CGL) insurance. If you want it to protect your business, look no more than this agency that Dallas trusted for five decades: Northwest Insurance Agency!

This baseline insurance can protect your business from common Texas incidents.

In Texas, businesses are doing everything to avoid these incidents: fires occurring every seven minutes and 608 fatal occupational injuries in 2019 alone. These incidents are expensive, even for multi-million dollar businesses, and believe it or not: some of them result from simple mistakes. Wise entrepreneurs avoid bankruptcy after such setbacks by getting protection from commercial general liability insurance.

Protecting organizations from financial shocks

Commercial General Liability Insurance offers an affordable amount of financial protection for your businesses. It protects you from economic shock in case your business:

  • Caused or suffered property damages and bodily injury

  • Became liable for someone’s medical needs
  • Launched an advertisement that caused physical or personal injury
  • Provided products or services that caused injuries and damages
  • Damaged a rented property, caused by your employees or customers

Your business can be eligible for this protection.

You can ensure that your business is eligible to get this protection program, especially if you’re a contractor. If you are a business owner, this insurance plan could safeguard your livelihood. An insurance plan like this can help cover your liabilities if an accident, unfortunately, caused a lawsuit against your business.

CGL insurance coverage of protection

Here’s a detailed use case for this business protection plan:

  • Premises coverage. Injuries and damages that occurred inside your company premises get financially covered.

  • Operations coverage. Insurance will take care of injuries and damages resulting from the operations of your business.

  • Products/completed operations coverage. Products and other finished work by your business that caused damages or injuries have liability covered by this insurance.

  • Excess liability. Losses that exceed your policy’s dollar limit get insurance coverage.
  • Umbrella liability. It is a liability coverage bought together with CGL as a package, covering more liabilities on incidents outside CGL insurance.

  • Occurrence policies. It provides coverage for your business from incidents within the policy period, regardless of the reporting date.

  • Claims-made policies. It covers reported incidents that happen and reported within the policy’s time frame unless purchasing the following policies:

  • Prior acts (nose) coverage. It covers claims that happen before the policy period but reported within the policy coverage dates.

  • Run-off (tail) coverage. It covers claims that happen within the policy coverage but reported after the policy expired.

Your trusted commercial insurer in Texas

For 50 years, several businesses recovered from financial setbacks with the help of getting insured by Northwest Insurance Agency. Wise entrepreneurs stay responsible by investing an affordable amount regularly and potentially saving their employees from getting laid off. It also aids in financial recovery for businesses after taking responsibility for injury and damage claims.
Get your Dallas business protected by Northwest Insurance Agency starting today!

Get your Dallas business protected by Northwest Insurance Agency starting today!


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