Special Events Liability

That exceptional event might happen once in a lifetime for you or your loved ones.

You might be recreating a celebration or making a failed one happen this time. Worry not, because even if the unexpected happens, our services can get you coved. Get that big day insured with Special Events Liability Insurance from Northwest Insurance agency!

What can go wrong during your special day?

There’s no better explanation than the proverb “hope for the best and prepare for the worst” when the big day comes near. If you rent, a guest can get injured, a relative might settle differences, and an attendee might cause property damage or injuries. Even a bride or a groom can say no, which can cost professional advice.

Nobody can erase memory, but debt and financial struggles due to unforeseen circumstances are avoidable. The key is getting that day protected with special events liability insurance.

Here’s how to ensure your special day starts good relationships

Gatherings can create unbreakable bonds and seeing certain people more often. You can ensure that you’re not meeting persistent lenders and dedicated lawyers after the unexpected happens. Special events liability can cover injuries and property damages on these types of special days:

• Anniversary
• Sweet sixteen
• Graduation
• Birthdays
• Baby showers

Community Gatherings
• Festivals
• Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
• Prom/School dances
• Banquets
• Quinceañeras
• Reunions
• Weddings

Professional Events
• Conventions
• Award presentations
• Tradeshows
• Farmers markets
• Job fairs
• Car shows

The most careful planning includes the ability to face unexpected situations.

We know the results of these unforeseen circumstances we are talking about: bodily injuries and property damages. You can keep calm during your special day if you’re aware that you can take financial responsibility if these things unfortunately occur. Complete your preparation by including specialty liability event insurance in your event’s budget.

Your event must meet these eligibility standards:

  • Total event attendance must be fewer than 12,000
  • Event days must be consecutive

  • The event cannot go on for more than ten consecutive days, excluding set-up and tear-down.
  • A single location you don’t own should hold the event.

Ensuring that the most special day of your life is safe is a vital part of the planning process. Because we tailor Special Event Insurance to your specific needs, it’s critical to speak with a specialist about your particular insurance requirements.

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