Specialty Coverages

The insurance policies you have might not cover everything, or what they do pay for could be useless.

If it applies to your business, specialty coverage could be essential for you! Specialty coverage is a type of tailored insurance covering risks and exposures not typically covered by standard policies. Northwest Insurance Agency experts use this policy to protect unique Dallas assets since 1970. Contact us today about our specialties and get qualified for this service today!

When it’s time for the unexpected, don’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard to get

It would be best if you always prepare for anything. That’s why we offer various specialty coverages that can protect your home and business when exceptional circumstances arise. We understand that each person is different, so we tailor our policies to meet your needs and budget.

The following benefits are examples from tailored insurance:

  • Income Benefits, such as lost wages or missed work
  • Medical Benefits to help treat a workplace injury or illness
  • Legal rights if a worker’s family sues your business for wrongful death.

You’d instead pick the painless choice: getting your teeth insured and making the most out of your tiny investment.

Let’s tailor the perfect coverage for your company

With our business package, you can protect company property or employees as needed. You want peace of mind knowing that your employees are protected if something goes wrong on the job site. You want protection from lawsuits when someone falls at one of your stores and sues for damages. You want to ensure that all of your equipment is covered against theft or damage by fire, water, or other natural disasters.

Asset protection from natural catastrophic events

You never know when disaster might strike your home. Do you have the right insurance? When disasters strike, you want protection that’s flexible and thorough. Our disaster insurance packages give you complete coverage. From water to fire to hail damage, we have plans with nationwide coverage and all the extras-so your assets are protected no matter where they are if a storm hits!

Prepare for the unforeseen with Northwest Insurance Agency

We are the most trusted insurance agency serving businesses since 1970. Our decades of experience have given us an edge to offer the best coverage for your business. Our experts can tailor your plans based on what you need and provide maximum protection for your company. You deserve the peace of mind knowing that your company gets protection with the right coverage at an affordable price.

Don’t let another day go by without getting a quote from Northwest Insurance Agency; we will be happy to help!


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Curabitur ac leo nunc estibul et maur vel ante finibus maximus.

Curabitur ac leo nunc estibul et maur vel ante finibus maximus.

Curabitur ac leo nunc estibul et maur vel ante finibus maximus.