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Dental Insurance

Meeting the dentist is not a thing that everyone likes.

Kids don’t like an aching tooth either, and adults don’t want a significant inconvenience that ruins speech, diet, and even budget for at least a day. You can avoid oral pain by getting your teeth checked regularly and financial pain by getting dental insurance. Here’s your trusted option—Northwest Insurance Agency!

Here’s how dental care takes care of your jewels

A parent leaves work for more than two days per year because of a child’s dental problems. It’s already an inconvenience, but a dental procedure costs up to $2700 adds more pain in the pocket. Cost is a big reason why 31.6% of American adults have untreated dental issues.

Typical individual dental care needs an investment of around $20 monthly. It means that your $2700 could cover more than 11 years of dental care insurance, which could include the total cost of regular teeth cleaning and minimal dental care. Let’s assume there are no major dental procedures, provided that well-maintained teeth don’t need extensive repairs.

You have three options to take care of your teeth:

  • Suck up the hurt until you lose them all.
  • Get a few expensive dental procedures.
  • Get affordable regular checkups, keeping an intact smile for a long time.

You’d instead pick the painless choice: getting your teeth insured and making the most out of your tiny investment.

Covered professional help for your teeth

Visiting a dentist could only cost a gas because insurers like us have three tiers of dental coverage:

  • 100% coverage for diagnostics and preventive services. We cover the total cost of regular cleaning, fluoride treatment, X-rays, and disease testing.

  • 80% coverage for basic dental procedures. You only need to pay 20% of the cost for typical dental procedures such as fillings, sealants, tooth extraction surgery, and root canals.

  • 50% coverage for major dental procedures. Pay half the cost of the significant dental processes such as crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures.

Choosing the most appropriate dental insurance coverage for you

Getting dental insurance can be worth the money when you choose the right plan for you. It depends on your access to dental care, location to the nearest dentist, or frequency of your dental needs. You can choose from the following types of dental insurance:

  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization or DHMO. Visit our trusted dentists the most affordable way.

  • Dental Preferred Provider Organization DPPO. Visit our trusted dentist with 100% coverage or get a discount from the dentist of your choice.

  • Indemnity or Fee-for-Service Plans. Get the most out of dental services from any dentist of your choice.

Dentists have varying services and fees, so it’s a wise decision to talk with our agent and your dentist before getting your teeth checked. You can save gas and a workday when meeting the dentist after taking care of all of the requirements.

Northwest Insurance Agency: Your Reliable Dental Insurance Provider

Getting your teeth insured is a commitment—both to your health and your finances. Why not get your family covered by a long-term dental insurance provider near you? Northwest Insurance Agency takes care of dental costs in Dallas since the ’70s, so having us with your side ensures that your preferred dentist is within our network.

You deserve peaceful discussions about health so get your health plan started today!

NWagencies-dental insurance

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