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There’s a difference between a vacation and hospital days

A horrible day on a ward costs more than a pleasant day on an island far away. While coupons can save some bucks on an island trip, having health insurance might help you recover by diminishing your financial stress. A wise choice to protect your sick days is to lean on an agency that Dallas has trusted for years—Northwest Insurance Agency!

Let’s be honest about meeting the health care workers.

On average, hospitalization throughout the U.S. costs $2,607 per day.

Yes, more expensive than a family vacation, right?

What’s more, the average length of stay in a Texas hospital is 5.2 days

You don’t want to pay an outrageous $13,556.40 before you return to work—that’s roughly the annual salary of a minimum wage earner in Texas.

This problem will never be your issue if you invest a small percentage of your monthly income for insurance. The simple reason is that health insurance will ensure an affordable stay in the hospital during those days. Now, you will give heartfelt gratitude to our healthcare workers.

It’s time to get health insurance for you.

We cannot stress it more—everyone needs health insurance. But you need it more if you are more vulnerable to illness. Well, nobody can say a 100% guarantee that all of their days will be healthy. But a day in the hospital might start a series of financial struggle if you are a:

  • Breadwinning parent
  • Low wage earner
  • Worker in a hazardous environment
  • Worker with an existing health condition

Health insurance makes you feel comfortable talking about health.

We’re not offering medical remedies. But, we’re confident that everyone wants to avoid giving up everything for a life-threatening health crisis. Health insurance can help you keep calm during stressful days on a hospital ward. Your options for your family and children are:

  • HMO plans. The most affordable financial protection for a variety of hospitalization cases.
  • Exclusive provider (EPO) plans. Get admitted without the hassle of choosing a primary care physician.
  • Exclusive provider (EPO) plans. Get admitted without the hassle of choosing a primary care physician.
  • Point-of-service plans. PPO plan but cheaper and provides a choice to pick your physician or specialist.

Your premium will vary depending on your age, location, habits, and dependents. Your medical history, gender, health conditions, and disability will not affect how much you need to pay. Your employer will pay premiums for a group, so you need to discuss your premiums with your involved colleagues.

Building your own family

You have worked so hard & finally got where you want to be! You are at the top-you’ve hit your peak professionally, and now you can reap some serious rewards.

At this stage, life insurance can help you:

  • Plan for your family’s future
  • Protect the financial well being of you and your spouse-to guarantee that those monthly bills will continue to be paid, regardless of what happens
  • Bank on a future in which everything is taken care of because it deserves to be
  • Continue making investments toward retirement plans while enjoying peace of mind knowing that any unforeseen circumstances won’t derail them

Northwest Insurance Agency: Your Reliable Health Insurance Provider

If you’re getting your health insurance, why not from the firm that everyone trusts? Northwest Insurance Agency is already providing health insurance in Dallas for 50 years, assuring you the legitimacy of service. This agency educated several Texans long ago until every pioneer insurance holder fully reaped the benefits until their end of service.

You deserve peaceful discussions about health so get your health plan started today!

NWagencies-health insurance

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